Willow is an environmental scientist, interdisciplinary artist, musician, and storyteller from endless hills and secluded forests of rural Virginia. Grounded in research, their practice includes recycled and bio-based installation art, words, music, and biosonification (turning processes within living organisms into music and sound). Willow routinely merges visual, literary, and sonic mediums to create ethereal performances across the East Coast. They often weave themes of ecology, gender, and social issues with an autobiographical exploration of nature, and feel driven to use intersections of art, science, and technology to tackle environmental and social issues. Willow loves finding objects and introducing chaos and regeneration in ways that invite us to question what we are seeing, with hopes to spark conversation around critical issues of our time and of our future.
Their work has been featured in publications including Soft Star Magazine, The Purposeful Mayonnaise, and the Rachel Carson Council's website, among others and they have performed at festivals like Earth Celebrations Ecological City, NYC, and Deep Water Literary Festival ('22 and '23), Narrowsburg, NY. Recently, their first poetry collections, "tangerine" and "Salt", were published by Bottlecap Press, LA.  Always with a passion for educating and inciting playful exploration, they frequently teach workshops and classes in music-making with environmental sounds and biosonification, eco-printing, and other forms of biological art. Current projects include an album co-created with plants and fungi, Plant Music for Tea Parlours, creating place-based installations, and a multimedia project and book exploring the microbial pathways of communication between humans and their environments, "We are the Sea Between Islands".
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