Biosonification involves turning biological processes within organisms into music or sound. Specifically, I use electrodes and a midi-data biosonification device to convert changes in micro-conductivity in plants and fungi to midi notes, which "play" digital instruments.
My interest in biosonification lies both in producing rich sonic landscapes that intrigue and connect viewers to the world around them and as a novel method for researching processes that influence micro-conductivity, including ion transport, water transport, and electrical activity in the body of the organism.

Jar Forest | 2022

Dreams from underground | Plant generated audiovisuals | 2022

Plastic Places | 2022
"Frankenstein Falling": Biosonification demonstration and eco-theatre performance based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, in collaboration with artist Mannon Manavit.
Deep Water Literary Festival, 2022
"Entangled Harmonies" performance and workshop. Exploring connection through the inner worlds of plants and fungi. Participants learned how biosonification works, and explored using biodata to make their own music. Hosted by Brooklyn-based Gaia Nomaya.
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