Gloss is a story of finding one's queerness through the lens of ecology. Created in collaboration with artist Skye Gatewood, this work blends theatre, visuals, song, and music made in collaboration with plants and fungi to explore the messy, non-binary truth of nature and humanity. How do we construct ourselves? How do we name what we are? Dive into the chaos of living, and explore a surreal reality crafted within this space of science and art.
In this performance, plants and fungi create a sonic landscape through biosonification, which involves turning processes within living organisms into music and sound. Electrodes attached to organisms allow them to "play" digital instruments and synthesizers on the performer's laptop. After the performance, time is held for a short Q&A and a chance for audience members to try biosonfication for themselves. First performed and exhibited at AFA Gallery Scranton, PA, as part of the 2023 Scranton Fringe Festival.
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